What if there were crystal clear insights and simple understandings that started precious new experiences in your relationship?

What if these ideas are not passed down from generation to generation for the simple reason that fathers, mothers and schoolteachers never heard of them?

What if using the new knowledge brings ongoing radiant joy, brilliant love, and profound intimacies with your partner?

What if these practical tools could also bypass conflict in local, professional, national, and global society?

And what if these ideas are passionately and humorously presented in a book that lets you verify what you might always have suspected? True love is possible.

Not only for the legendary few, but for whoever understands and uses these tools.

We are excited to offer you the adventure of a lifetime: Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, a book to ignite unquenchable inspiration.


This website offers a tour behind the scenes. Here you will find:

  • Personal notes from Clinton about what he experienced while writing this book.
  • Specially selected passages from Radiant Joy Brilliant Love.
  • Readers sharing their comments about reading Radiant Joy Brilliant Love.
  • The SPARKs newsletter every two weeks with new experiments to try.

Plus, discover additional works from Clinton Callahan, other websites, other books, DVDs of talks, and the Possibility Manager and Trainer Certification Programs.

Let us know if you need anything else.

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Bookcover "Radiant Joy - Brilliant Love"